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  • Brand franchises with hundreds to hundreds of thousands of franchisees rely on FetchFans to control the look and feel of the corporate brand while still giving local franchisees the ability to customize their local branding to each of their local social network pages.
  • Newspapers and other digital assets rely on FetchFans technology to scale content and promotions across social networks at the hyperlocal level.
  • Agencies and SMBs adopt FetchFans to power web portals unlike any other technology on the market for their social networks.
  • FetchFans enables national and multinational companies with distinct sub-brands the opportunity to scale the corporate brand across each local social network AND/OR scale unique sub-brands to each respective local social network.
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Master Library

A big brand sets up its Master Library (images / fonts / colors / photos / logos / links / promotions / training modules / pre-written posts ). Its brand is safe and secure for use by its local brand businesses to tap. Set-up is fast and easy. No coding is required.

The Power of One Click

A big brand can manage and make one to all changes through global change functions on behalf of each of its local businesses in one click. No need to train local teams when a corporate manager can manage.

Protect and Control

A big brand can lock all features and functions to protect and control its brand across all its local brand businesses' use. No need to worry about accidental color or logo changes!

Customisable and Flexible to Local Businesses

A local business can still adapt the designs to their local offerings making it truly customized. They can do this without affecting other local businesses in the big brand or the big brand itself.

When a local business wants to design a new page or a new app they simply click on any design template and all brand assets immediately populate.

A local business like the big brand can compare and measure its social media success by reviewing comprehensive analytics which compare itself on its own and against others in the big brand.

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Your Brand. Control and Adapt Instantly.

Big brands can finally enable brand reps to carry the real essence of the brand to each Facebook page managed either centrally or by each brand rep. Simply lock features that need to be locked. Then, simply allow brand reps to tap your brand to power their individual pages. Simply and easy. And most important, no coding required.

FetchApps let fans boost your brand's visibility and reach.

Drive heightened engagement with interactive poll, quiz and promotion apps embedded directly into each design. Each FetchApps is pre-built with social graph functions to increase social triggers that wouldn't be available elsewhere.

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Measure, Compare & Grow

FetchAnalytics enables your brand reps to measure against your overall brand's successes on Facebook while benchmarking their own success. Our technology uses the best in-class metrics to get deep insights that go way beyond reporting Facebook Insights / Open Graph.

Train and Grow On-Demand.

FetchTraining enables your brand page owners to stay on top of all the latest training tips and tricks on social media. Not only will you learn the best practices, but you can also train on industry best practices. Big brands can go even further and host on-demand training modules securely and privately to each brand rep.

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Plan and Post Efficiently and Effectively.

FetchPlanner enables you to simply post to one or multiple pages you manage as well as future post up to six months in advance. Need an idea on what to post? Simply review our library of trending stories on a wide variety of top categories of interest. You'll never be without what to post again for your Facebook page!

Featured Press & Major Brand Customers

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  • TechCrunch
  • The Business Times
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • VentureBeat
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